The top ten courses and resources I can’t live without
April 24, 2021
Discover the ten courses and resources I go back to every day.
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I’m often asked if I can recommend a good copywriting course and the answer is yes! I can.

But why stop there? Why not tell you about all the brilliant courses I’ve done as well as the other amazing resources I use every day.


The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like A Pro by Tamsin Henderson

After a 30-year career in journalism, this was the first copywriting course I completed and I’m so glad I did. Tamsin has a great teaching style and covers off all the basics. Definitely worth a look and often on sale for under £30.

Build My List by Teresa Heath-Wareing * 

If you want to start building an email list, start here. This brilliant course hand-holds you through creating a lead magnet to setting up the tech and promoting your freebie on social.

(*This is an affiliate link so I get a small kick-back if you sign up.)

SEO Nibbles by Kate Toon

This free three-day course is a great taster for anyone interested in learning a bit more about SEO. It comes complete with checklists (that I use every time I write a client webpage) and loads of links to free SEO tools. 


The Inner Hub with The Two Lauras

This fab membership, run by Laura Davis and Laura Moore, is a must for any social media manager who wants to stay ahead of the game. It includes monthly masterclasses, support calls, business advice, industry news (as it breaks) and round-the-clock support from the amazing community. 

The Toolkit by The Two Lauras

Another absolute must for any social media manager worth their salt. Whether you’ve been in the biz ten years or ten minutes this incredible resource is packed with everything you need to grow a successful business.

Hemingway Editor

I’m less reliant on this tool now than I used to be but it’s still an absolute belter and well worth a look. Simply upload your copy and it will highlight hard to read sentences, unnecessary words, typos and grammatical errors.

CoSchedule Headline Analyser

Give your headlines some oomph and attract more clicks with the help of this brilliant tool. I absolutely love it and use it for every blog I write. With its help I increased the score for this blog’s headline from 51 to 83 / 100. Be warned, it’s super addicted. There’s a paid version but you won’t need it.


They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan 

I read this book in two sittings (on my birthday weekend)! In the book, Marcus outlines the inbound marketing strategy he used to save his failing swimming pool business and reveals how you can use it too. It inspired me to write the blog 5 blogs every social media manager should have on their website

Write To Sell by Andy Maslen

When I launched my copywriting business at the beginning of 2020 I bought every book Facebook book recommendation going! This is one of the few I actually finished a) because it’s short b) it’s really easily digestible.

Who’s Whose? By Philip Gooden

This book is great for untangling all those niggly word problems you get stuck on e.g. who’s or whose (I still have to look that one up) or that and which (yep, still gets me every time!’


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