The pros and cons of buying pre-written blogs
January 1, 2021
Are you worried that buying pre-written blogs will affect your SEO? Find out about the pros and cons
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It’s Monday morning and you arrive at your desk feeling enthusiastic and determined to tackle the week’s to-do list.

‘Right,’ you think. ‘Gonna get this lot nailed by 12…’

And then you see it… ‘Write blog post.’ Urgh. Your stomach drops.

You’d meant to do it last week.

And the week before that.

But somehow it kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Writing blogs takes time, right? Time you can ill afford when there’s client content to be written, scheduling, engagement and analytics to be done.

As usual, your own business gets the bum deal.

Let’s start by looking at why you need blogs:

  • They’ll boost your SEO
  • They position you as an expert
  • They provide valuable content for your socials
  • Your website looks up-to-date and active
  • You’re providing a useful service to readers
  • They drive traffic to your website
  • They build ‘know, like and trust’
  • Blogs add personality to your brand

But, what if you haven’t got time to write them?

Or you can’t decide what to write about?

Or you HATE writing?

Well, then you could consider buying pre-written, customisable blogs that can be quickly edited to make your own.

Also known as PLR articles, pre-written blogs are exactly that. Ready-written content that perfectly serves your business niche and adds value to your website. But using them isn’t right for everyone. Let’s take a closer look.

The Pros

  1. It’s ticked off your list ✔
  2. Congrats. You’ve bought back (at least) five hours of your life ✔
  3. No more mind-numbing research… or internet rabbit-holes ✔
  4. You can double-down on the outlay — don’t forget those repurposing opportunities ✔

The Cons

  1. You’ll need to do some editing to make it truly yours 𝙓
  2. Other websites may feature the same article 𝙓
  3. Search engines will prioritise ‘unique’ content over your blog 𝙓
  4. If there’s more than one version, search engines won’t know which to rank 𝙓

Is it right for you?

People worry that Google punishes publishers for running duplicate copy. This isn’t true and, trust me, I’ve done ALL the research.

In fact, what happens when Google finds two pieces of identical copy is it has to make a choice which to display. It will do this by weighing up the quality and relevance of the rest of the content on your site.

If your priority is to get your blog content at the top of every search result then, no, this route isn’t for you.

If, however, you’re looking to save yourself a job and position yourself as an expert to prospective clients they are well worth a shot.

As luck would it, I’ve written a bank of pre-written blogs especially for social media managers and ad strategists so, if this is something you’re interested in, click the orange link below.


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