Are pre-written (PLR) blogs right for me?
March 22, 2021
Buying pre-written blogs for your website is a great time-saver. But is it right for you?
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As a tech-savvy social marketer you already know the importance of quality content.

You eat, sleep and breathe it for your clients, but what about your own website? When was the last time you posted a blog for example? Last month, last year… never!

Of course, you could hire a copywriter (hello!) to write bespoke articles for your site but there’s another, much cheaper alternative – PLR (or pre-written) blogs.

PLR articles are pre-written blogs that you buy and edit to make your own. They’re a great way to source reliable, relevant and affordable content for your site. And they get another job ticked off your list!

Make them your own

When you buy pre-written blogs you can do what you want with them.

You can change them, rebrand them, cut them, add to them, put your name on them… whatever you like. In fact, the more you do to them the better because here’s the twist – they’re not exclusive to you.

This means other SMMs and ad strategists may have the same (or similar content) to you.

But isn’t duplicate copy bad on the internet?

Duplicate copy in itself isn’t bad BUT, of course, original content is better!

Google doesn’t punish duplicate copy as such, the problem comes when it needs to decide which version of a duplicated article it should show people.

This means it will look at other content on your site and see who offers the best overall user experience.

So, the best thing to do is to customise your blogs. Change the headline, add your own images, examples and personal stories.

But, let’s be honest. You’re unlikely to be hitting the first page of Google with PLR content so, if that matters, PLR blogs aren’t for you.

PLR benefits

• They save you time because you don’t have to write your own blogs
• They save you money. PLR blogs are much, much cheaper than commissioning a bespoke article (that could cost anything from £80 up. I charge £150.)
• They help position you as an expert
• They make your website – and business – look active
• They give you content to share and repurpose on your social channels
• They provide a source of information for your clients
• They help to build your brand personality

You’ll find PLR articles helpful if:

• You aren’t posting any blogs at all
• You’re stressed about sticking to a blogging schedule
• You need to plug a few gaps in your blogging schedule or need a breather for a few weeks
• You want to grow your brand authority
• You need a way of adding fresh content to your website to keep it looking active
• You hate writing
• You struggle to come up with blog ideas
• You start writing a blog then get imposter syndrome and give up (if it’s any consolation I do with my social content.)

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