5 blogs every SMM should have on their website
February 11, 2021
Discover the five blogs that will boost your business and land more leads.
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Want to convert more customers? Prove to them you’re the best social media manager or ad strategist for the job?

Then you really need to include the following five blogs on your website.

Why? Well, today’s service seekers are a savvy bunch. They’re going to do a ton of research before they commit and it will go something like this… How much does it cost? What are the downsides? Are there any alternatives? Who is the best person for this job? 

Think about it, don’t you do the exact same thing when you buy something online? 

First, you’ll shop around for a ballpark figure. Then, once you find something you like, you’ll start reading the reviews (specifically you’ll be looking for the negative ones – you just can’t help it).

Next, you’ll compare different brands or outcomes. Do I need this… or that? Is the more expensive one worth the extra cost? You might do a Google search that goes along the lines of Amazing Product A Vs Brilliant Product B. 

And you will more than likely look for an article telling you ‘The Best {insert Gorgeous Thing You Want’}.

OK, so what’s this got to do with writing blogs you ask?

Well, here’s the thing. When you answer all those questions for your potential customers while they are searching for help, you do three things. 

  1. You shorten the sales process by educating them on everything they need to know. 
  2. You build trust. By sharing all the information – the good, bad and ugly – you’re saying ‘hey, I’m honest.’
  3. You position yourself as an expert. Trust me, so few businesses are doing this that, when you do, you’ll become a voice in the industry.

So without further ado, here are the five blogs every social media manager / ad strategist should have on their website. 

BLOG 1: How much does it cost to hire a social media manager / ad strategist?

Do you struggle with pricing? Do you have a figure in your mind then slash it as soon as you have to say the numbers out loud?

Being open and honest about your pricing not only helps your customers make an informed decision, it helps you become more confident too.

But back to your customers… When someone is looking for pricing info and can’t find it on your website, what are they going to do? Go somewhere else of course. 

Use this blog to explain your prices and the value they deliver. If you can’t give specific costs (maybe your packages are bespoke) give ballpark figures and explain what might affect that price. What would make it higher? How could it be reduced?

If a similar service is available for less, mention it. But be clear on why paying less isn’t always the best option. 

Don’t worry about scaring off prospective customers. If they can’t afford you, they were never your ideal customer in the first place. 

Plus you’ve just saved both of you the time and effort of finding out the hard way! #DiscoveryCall #Proposal

BLOG 2: Potential problems of outsourcing your social – and the solutions

When we buy things we usually worry more about what will go wrong than what will go right! That’s why you can read 1000 fabulous reviews but will still be put off by one negative one! 

So, have a think about all the things that worry your customers before embarking on outsourcing. What are their expectations Vs the reality of what you can achieve? Where do relationships break down (hello micromanagers)? 

Be honest about the pitfalls, but be clear about how they can be overcome. 

By speaking directly to your customers’ fears you will reassure them that you understand them and can address them head on.

BLOG 3: Power Hours Vs Googling

I read a post in a Facebook group recently where an SMM was upset by a family member who suggested her clients could ‘just Google’ the info she was charging for. 

Now, you and I know that’s nonsense. There are a million reasons why someone would be better getting tailored advice from an expert instead of wading through hours of conflicting nonsense on the web.

Here’s what I suggested: “Write a blog called Can I Just Google It? or the Power Hour Vs Googling and clearly explain the pros and cons of each. It will help people who are wavering and show them the value of what you offer. Turn this to your advantage.

And I’m suggesting you do the same. Because, like that ill-informed family member, there will be others out there who think all the answers are on Google.

This is your opportunity to show the real power of your hour, but it’s also important to ensure your piece is balanced.

You could show how wonderful you are – and how knowledgeable you are – by suggesting reputable sources of social media / ad advice online.

BLOG 4: The 5 best Instagram accounts for (insert niche) 

Now, you might be thinking it’s completely counter intuitive to send potential customers to your competitor’s pages but I disagree.

Here’s what you’re actually doing:

  • Positioning yourself as an expert by sharing your knowledge
  • Showing that you’re honest, trustworthy and confident in your own services.
  • Building connections. Share your blog with the featured accounts. Chances are they’ll then share it with their followers or link to it on their website. 

Here are some ideas:

5 best Instagram accounts for Reels advice

5 best Instagram accounts for Story tips

5 best Instagram accounts for content ideas

Don’t include yourself in the list. Instead, write an intro along the lines of…

If you know anything about me it’s that I’m mad about Instagram! I use it for shopping, researching holidays and keeping up to date on all the latest industry trends.

You can follow me for a daily dose of Instagram hints and tips (include link), and here are five more brilliant accounts I think you’ll like.

  • This idea can be adapted to any niche or platform.

BLOG 5: 5 great social media managers / ad strategists (in location)

Ok, so this one may require you to dig a little deeper – but yes, I’m asking you to suggest other brilliant social media managers / trainers / ad strategists to your readers.

Why? Because they’re going to be looking for them anyway.

And, by doing the hard work for them. you again prove that you’re trustworthy, honest and not afraid of the competition! 

Choose five or six colleagues / competitors who offer similar – but slightly different – services to you. 

If it feels TOO weird, choose people who work in a different niche to you. Perhaps you only work with e-Comm ad clients and they work with coaches etc.

This can work well, especially on a local level. For example, imagine someone types ‘social media managers St Albans’ into search. 

And, instead of getting a list of individual links to plough through, they’re shown your blog, what do you think they’re going to read first?

By acknowledging and encouraging your readers to shop around, you’ll shorten the decision-making process and weed out the customers who aren’t your dream client.

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