10 places to find blog inspiration for your SMM business
May 24, 2021
Need blog inspiration in a hurry? Discover the top ten places to look.
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One of the main things that holds social media managers back when it comes to blogging is deciding what to write about.

Maybe you have so many ideas and can’t choose which to do first? Or, perhaps you can’t think of anything and don’t know where to start?

If you fall into the latter camp, this blog is for you.

Today I’m going to share 10 easy ways to create brilliantly simple customer-converting blogs – without spending hours on research.

1. Your services 

Write a blog detailing how each of your services can help make your reader’s life better. 

Service-based blogs educate your audience and give them the confidence to say yes to working with you.

If you have a couple of similar services create a blog explaining the differences.

This will help people to choose which one is right for them. For example, Power Hour or Nurture package? Facebook Ads training vs full management?

You could also try pitching your services against other alternatives. E.g. Power Hours Vs googling.

2. Your FAQs

Create blogs around the questions people regularly ask about your services. 

E.g. How can a Facebook Ads manager help me? Or, how much does social media management cost?

The easier you make it for customers to find the information they need, the more they’ll grow to trust you.

3. Customer struggles

What are the questions friends and acquaintances ask you all the time?

E.g. How can I get more followers? Which platform should I be on? How do I make cool graphics for Instagram? What are Reels and how do I make them? 

They answers might seem obvious to you but remember, you live and breathe this stuff. Most people don’t have a clue!

4. Your popular posts

Take a look at your insights to see which content has been the most popular with your followers. Can you repurpose this or develop the ideas further? 

What could you add to it to make it better? Could you create a short video or an infographic to elevate the idea?

5. Instagram Guides 

If you’ve created Instagram Guides you’ve already got a bunch of ready-made blogs. Simply cut, paste and edit your posts.  

6. Saved posts

If you’re anything like me, you’re always saving inspirational posts for future reference. Go back over old saved posts to see if they spark inspiration. 

Going forward bookmark posts in groups where your ideal clients hang out. Look out for posts starting with ‘Does anyone know…’ it’s a sure-fire way to find out what people are struggling with.

7. YouTube videos

Head over to YouTube and look up some leading industry figures.

Scroll through their videos to see which have the most views and engagement. Is this a topic you could write about for your audience?

Do not, under any circumstances, copy chunks of the video – in fact, it’s probably safest not to watch it before you write your blog. You’re just looking for inspiration. 

8. Sections from your training or workshops

If you offer training or workshops this is an easy win.

As well as giving you instant content, you can use the blog to tease the rest of your course or next event. Celebs and authors do this all the time when they’re promoting their latest books.

9. Your newsletters 

If you write newsletters you should have plenty of content to turn into blogs. Look for topic themes that you can group together and turn them into a longer, more detailed piece of work.

10. Industry reports 

When the big hitters release their annual social media trend reports, scan them for impressive stats that you can build a story around.

The most important thing is to make sure the stat relates to your reader in some way. For example, if a report says that 69% of businesses don’t use social media you could write a blog about why it’s never too late to start a social media presence.

Prefer to leave the blog writing to someone else? Head over to my pre-written blog service for social media managers and choose from a range of off-the-shelf content. Download, personalise and publish.


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